These icons show the average yield of a strain. Yield in a cannabis plant is based on genetics, environment and, of course, the size of the individual plant. Cannabis can be grown to almost any size indoors, so per-plant weight is extremely variable.

The Yield measurement indicates which cannabis varieties average the heaviest harvests when grown in identical conditions.

Specific weight figures have not been attached to these categories, as actual yield depends on too many factors for such figures to be reliable. Variables such as climate, longitude, nutrition, grower experience and of course indoor growing versus outdoor cultivation all play important roles in the final yield of any cannabis plant. Our comparative category system will give you more useful information on how much a given strain yields relative to other strains.

Medium Yield

Strains marked with this icon all produce a decent amount of bud. The most common reason for a comparatively lighter yield is that the strain in question has Sativa genes, which reduce the weight of harvests but almost always improve the quality of the end product.

No strain sold on this website has a below-average yield, so even though strains marked with this icon do not produce as much bud as some of the more Indica-heavy hybrids, they still yield more than enough to satisfy all but the most demanding grower.

Large Yield

Strains marked with this icon all have a large yield and are suitable for growers who want a large harvest of weed per plant without the extra care and/or time often required by the very biggest-yielding strains.

Heavy Yield

Strains marked with this icon have a very large yield. Only a few strains can do better than the strains in the 'Heavy' category. These feminized strains are all capable of producing a heavy yield, but bear in mind that they may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential.

XXL Yield

Strains marked with this icon can produce an outrageous amount of weed. Compared to other strains grown under the same conditions these strains will give you the heaviest harvests and usually the largest individual buds! XXL strains may require a little extra attention (such as supported branches that are heavy with buds) or slightly longer flowering times.

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