Sativa / Indica

These icons indicate whether a strain is mostly Sativa, mostly Indica or a balanced hybrid of the two types.


Strains marked with this icon have a large proportion of Sativa genes in their background. Sativa cannabis strains are characterised by a taller stature, slender-bladed leaves, a more open bud structure and a lighter green color. All Sativa cannabis strains are native to the tropical regions. Sativas have a longer flowering time and will give a clear cerebral high.


Strains marked with this icon are mostly Indica. This type of cannabis tends to be shorter and sturdier with dense buds and high yields. Indicas are generally seen as easier to grow than Sativas and are more suitable for indoor cultivation due to the fact that they flower faster and gain far less height in the flowering stage than Sativas.

Sativa / Indica Hybrid

Strains marked with this icon are hybrids of both Sativa and Indica. A good hybrid combines the desirable qualities of Sativa - clear high and resistance to fungus - with the good qualities of an Indica, such as a greater yield, faster flowering and smaller stature.

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