Climate Zones

These icons show whether a plant is suitable for growing outdoors and in which climates this is possible. Some strains can flourish in cold climates while others should only be grown outside in moderate or warm climates.

Please keep in mind that a strain can always be grown in a warmer climate than its rating. For instance, a strain rated for cool climates can also be grown in warm or temperate climates; a strain with the ‘Temperate’ icon can also be grown in a warm climate.
NOTE: All strains can, of course, be grown indoor with lamps if the grower chooses.

Sunny / Mediterranean

Strains marked with this icon can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer. In the northern hemisphere, many locations below 45N and all locations below 40N will provide an excellent climate for any cannabis strain to grow outside. In the southern hemisphere, all locations can be considered (at a minimum) warm and sunny.

Temperate / Continental

Strains marked with this icon can be grown outside in a normal warm summer - this includes many locations below 50N and virtually all climates below 45N.

Cool /Cold

Strains marked with this icon are the toughest, earliest-flowering plants. Strains with this icon can grow outside even in the short summers of the far northern latitudes. These strains are often specifically bred for outdoor growing in the north and are capable of growing and flowering at latitudes above 50N and, in some cases, as high as 60N.

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