We care about privacy!

We fully understand that you rely on our discretion when you order from this website. That is why we take any precaution possible to ensure your privacy. We wouldn’t order from a website that does not guarantee our privacy so why should you?

When ordering cannabis seeds or any other product form this website you can count on us to provide you with completely secure payment methods and we ship all our orders in a discrete and sturdy padded brown paper envelope.

Another important aspect to mention is that we are located in the Netherlands, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected by the best privacy legislation in the world.

Click any of the questions below to get more specific information on how we protect your privacy.


a. whitelabelseeds a part of the private limited company Sensi Seed B.V. with its registered office in Rotterdam
Office address : Oudezijds Achterburgwal 131, 1012 DE, Amsterdam
Postal address : P.O. Box 10952, 1001 EZ, Amsterdam
Email address : info@whitelabelseeds.com
Website : https://whitelabelseeds.com
Ch. of Comm. no.: 24191871
b. Customer : the (legal) person who buys a product or service from whitelabelseeds;
c. Regulations : the Privacy Regulations;
d. Personal data : the data that is specified in Article 1.3;
e. Regulation : General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679);
f. Register : the register in which whitelabelseeds maintains the personal data of customers.

1.1. whitelabelseeds is a member of Dronkers BV. It is an organisation that is engaged in developing, providing education about and selling Hemp and Cannabis products and related products.
1.2. whitelabelseeds processes Personal Data of a customer for the performance of the agreement, for compliance with a statutory obligation and/or based on a legitimate interest, namely a commercial interest.
1.3. These Privacy Regulations describe which Personal Data of its customers whitelabelseeds processes, how that occurs, for which purposes and which rights and obligations apply.
1.4. Personal Data processed by whitelabelseeds includes, in any case: surname(s), first name(s), name by which one is known, gender, address, postal code and city/town, telephone number(s), email address and bank details.
1.5. A customer who provides additional unsolicited data that can be traced to an individual person agrees that this Personal Data will also be processed by whitelabelseeds.
1.6. whitelabelseeds is also entitled to register/check other Personal Data of a (former) customer if and in so far as that is necessary to comply with a statutory obligation and/or if it is necessary for the promotion of legitimate interests of whitelabelseeds and/or after obtaining permission from the Customer and/or based on another ground for processing data included in Article 6 (1) of the Regulation.
1.7. whitelabelseeds saves all data provided to it in a Register.

Collection and use of personal data
2.1 whitelabelseeds collects Personal Data of a customer when the customer in question has passed on this Personal Data via a customer order, email, the customer service, his or her account and/or by letter to whitelabelseeds.
2.2 The Personal Data is used for the following:
- offering a product or service;
- performing the agreement;
- sending advertising/ offers;
- providing a service/ solving problems in connection with the agreement.
2.3 The Personal Data is processed in digital customer registration systems.
2.4 The Personal Data can only be examined by the staff of whitelabelseeds who are employed in the departments Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics & Procurement, E-commerce and ICT. Furthermore, members of the Management Team may examine the data on request.

Transfer to third parties
3.1 whitelabelseeds has engaged external parties in connection with the performance of its work for the customer and the performance of commercial activities. The following external parties may process the Personal Data of the customer:
- ICT partner of whitelabelseeds (NovaSystems);
- Software providers (Exact);
- Service providers (Cream, Mhasmo).
3.2 whitelabelseeds has entered into a processing agreement with the parties specified in subclause 1 of this Article in accordance with the statutory requirements.
3.3 whitelabelseeds will not provide or sell Personal Data to parties other than those specified in subclause 1 of this Article without the consent of the customer.
3.3 If and in so far as international transfer of Personal Data to parties in countries outside the European Economic Area is required, this will exclusively take place if that party has an appropriate level of protection.

Modification/deletion/inspection of personal data
4.1 A customer has right of inspection, rectification, limited processing or deletion of his or her Personal Data, in accordance with the provisions in the Regulation.
4.2 If a customer wants to make use of one of these rights, or if a customer has questions about these Privacy Regulations, the customer can contact whitelabelseeds, where he/she will be put through to the responsible employee by the customer service.
4.3 whitelabelseeds would like to emphasise that the (partial) deletion of Personal Data may have consequences for the performance of the agreement.

Retention period
5.1 whitelabelseeds will not save Personal Data longer than is required on the basis of the (tax) legislation. In the case of data for which no statutory retention period applies, whitelabelseeds will not save data longer than is necessary.

6.1 whitelabelseeds has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure the Personal Data against loss or any form of unlawful processing, including:
- access to network drives on which the Personal Data is processed is only available to a limited number of persons and is secured by means of passwords. The passwords are regularly changed;
- encryption of data on the network drives;
- security by means of two-factor authentication;
- software security systems installed.

Amendments to the Privacy Regulations
7.1 whitelabelseeds reserves the right to amend these Privacy Regulations, for example in the case of a change in the law. The most recent version of the Privacy Regulations may always be consulted on the website of whitelabelseeds.

Dutch Data Protection Authority
8.1 A customer is entitled, if he or she sees a reason to do so, to submit a complaint about whitelabelseeds to the Dutch Data Protection Authority via P.O. Box 93374, 2509 AJ, The Hague.

Version 1, May 2018

How secure / easy / discrete / fast are the different methods of payment?

For you convenience we have listed our most important payment methods and gave them a rating in the table below. The ratings give you a good idea on how discrete, easy and secure a payment method is. We also included a rating based on the speed of a payment method so you can easily make a choice based on your personal preference.

 Payment Methods
 Credit Card        
 Bank Transfer        
 Cash Registered Post        

Credit card
All credit card transactions and all information pertaining to them are handled by the servers of our payment provider and encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. We do not have access to cardholder information and no credit card details are ever passed unencrypted. You can be completely secure in the knowledge that no credit card information can be examined, used or modified by ourselves nor by any third parties who might attempt to gain access to sensitive information.

Bank transfer
Paying by bank transfer is the second best payment method. Paying by direct bank transfer is very discrete, although somewhat less than paying by credit card. It is still fast, but since this method is not automated it will require extra steps as compared to paying by credit card.

Use this option only if the two methods described above are not possible. Sending money by mail, even insured mail, is far from safe and therefore we cannot be held liable for any payments lost in transit. We offer this option because many customers request it, but we do not recommend sending cash by mail..

Cash on Delivery
This option is only available for customers residing in the Netherlands. It is a very safe option, as the amount is paid in full to TNT Post at the time of delivery, and only upon receipt of your order. Please note that TNT Post only accepts payment by debit card (PIN).

What do packages look like when they are mailed?

We understand that our customers rely on our discretion. Because we value the privacy of our customers, all our products are sent in a discrete and sturdy padded brown paper envelope.

This unobtrusive protective packaging assures both the quality of the products inside and the privacy of our customers.

As you can see in the image above, there are no company logos or advertising on the envelope and we guarantee our customers that there will be absolutely no reference to cannabis or related subjects on the exterior of our packaging. The address which now says Ganja street will obviously be replaced with your address.

You are a 100% guaranteed that nobody will be able to see what is inside unless they break the seal and open the package.

How will my purchase appear on my credit card or bank statement?

Your credit card / bank statement will NOT show any reference to cannabis. The name that will appear on your statement will be SSB Holland, so nobody will be able to tell what you have bought or where you bought it.

Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box address?

Standard International and Registered mail can be delivered to PO Boxes. Registered post will require a signature from a staff-member at the PO Box depot.